Electric Knife Records was an independent record shop (and mailorder) that was situated in Kentish Town, London from May 2013 until December 2016.

Apart from merchandising records, cds, tapes, fanzines etc (from experimental and  avantgarde music to noise, abstract, field recordings, industrial, contemporary and modern classical, free improv, avant-jazz, musique concrète, electroacoustic etc) we held a number of live instores with local and visiting artists, such as…

04.05.13. Kostis Kilymis, Mecha/Orga, Tasos Stamou
08.08.13. Sindre Bjerga (nor), Tom White
06.12.13. Secluded Bronte, Heathertoes
22.02.14. Star Turbine (nor/dk), Ilpo Heikkinen (fin) & Lauri Hyvärinen (fin), Ian Watson, Jukka Hautamäki (fin)
08.03.14. Colin Webster & Graham Dunning, Vasco Alves & Louie Rice
12.05.14. Lettera 22 (it)
05.07.14. Kay Hill, YOL, Ian Watson & Adam Denton, Kevin Sanders
16.10.14. Stereocilia, Fritz Welch, Kostis Kilymis, Guy Harries & Yumi Hara Cawkwell
13.12.14. Simon Whetham, Seth Cooke, Paul Khimasia Morgan
19.04.14. Aqua Dentata, Paul Watson, Phil Julian, manmass
10.01.15. Anton Mobin (fra) & Benedict Taylor, Ripsaw Catfish
18.01.15. Duncan Harrison, David Mellor
28.11.15. Kuroneko, Hardworking Familes
23.01.16. Fernando Perales (arg), Reynaldo Young (uru)
06.02.16. Joseph Clayton Mills (us), Ryoko Akama
09.02.16. Anla Courtis (arg), dsic
16.01.16. Kordik/Lucas (analogue synth/trombone), Hannah Marshall (solo cello)
02.04.16. Yoni Silver
16.04.16 licht-ung (ger), Painful Silence, raxil4
24.04.16 Pete Cann, Aimmar Cair
21.05.16. Alex Bonney & BABs (Olie Brice, James Allsopp, Alex Bonney)
04.06.16. Daniel Thompson & Guillaume Viltard
11.06.16. Kilt (kordik/ikeda/lucas trio) & Ross Lambert (solo guitar)
16.06.16 Suzuki Junzo (jap)
25.06.16. Afasia Youri (jap)
02.07.16. Mickey O’Hara (us)
27.08.16. Cassette CONcert Day (Sound Installation, tape loops, Rote Kassette). Part of CON-Mythology 2016 events celebrating the life and work of Conrad Schnitzler.
05.11.16. YOL & Murray Royston Ward, Kevin Sanders
26.11.16. Mark Browne & Spinecakes, Maurice’s Hotel Death w/ Kay Hill, Hardworking Families
10.12.16. Duncan Harrison, Paul Daniel Knowles, dsic, Paul Watson, Daniel Gregory & Alec McGrory, Kostis Kilymis

  if we remembered all of them.

Since moving out of London, the physical part of electric knife obviously seized to exist with only its mailorder being active but with not much new stock coming in probably it is fair to comment that the whole webshop fell in hiatus. On the other hand as electric knife, we co-curated live in events at KARST Gallery in Plymouth with the help of Carl Slater the artistic director of KARST. We managed to organise three performances in the ex-industrial space of the gallery with Dieter Muh, Kostis Kilymis performing at Alpha. Friend of a Friend, Normal Tea and Ubiquitous Meh! at Beta and Alice Kemp, Contrastate and Nocturnal Emissions at Gamma which was the last one.

So at the beginning of 2020, we updated our website with new features and new design in order to commence a new chapter in electric knife’s project with a more updated mailorder and a day-to-day activity promoting experimental music and artists around the world.

NOTE: From summer of 2021 electric knife headquarters were moved to Athens, so all orders will be processed from Greece.


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