Oblique Tapestry

Oblique Tapestry #2 [noise is the virus issue] 


an interview w/ Giblet Gusset
Soft Shoulder
Conductor | 8 Movemnets by Keith Harrison
Noise during the pandemic years
The soundtrack of the protest
Postcard from…NY
Alvin Lucier’s 90th Birthday
Cheeses International
Memoirs of past gigs
reviews, blah blah etc

40 pages, fully coloured

Oblique Tapestry – issue zero

A zine for noises, fragmented images and the landscape of social space

The first issue of this in house fanzine that was supposed to be ready just before the covid lockdown.

24 pages with articles about Dieter Muh, the australian artist and musician Marco Fusinato, one of our favourite labels from america, Nostilevo, our experience co-organising events in Plymouth at KARST Gallery, news and reviews (not really reviews actually) plus couple more things about Benefit Compilations and the Google Map Hack street action from german artist Simon Weckert.

Since the second issue is/will be available soon, you can download it for free form here
Physical copies still available for anyone interested here


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