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July 2020

After delays due to covid lockdown, copies from Recital arrived and are now for sale from our shop (Adriano Spatola, Nour Mobarak , Anne Tardos, François Dufrêne, Karla Borecky, Gabi Losoncy etc).

Incapacitants’ latest LP on Berlin-based Total Black label Onomatopée Suicida is available as well. CDs from Troniks/PACec (Sissy Spacek, The Rita, Damion Romero, Mike Shiflet, Sewer Election, Lasse Marhaug)  can be found too. Lasse’s 10inch vinyl on Beartown Records “Gjota” alongside couple of tapes from the same label have arrives too.

Two great cd from London-based artists, that we are really happy to have them on our shop. First there is a Oscillatorial Binnage’s “Agitations: Post-Electronic Sounds”, a quartet that processes ‘sounds that are produced by the experimental manipulation of repurposed recycled objects subjected to electromagnetic force fields’ and then Phil Maguire’s “zeemijl” which was recorded during his residency at Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm in 2019, using a Serge synthesiser. Highly Recommended!


June 2020

We are more than thrilled and excited having stuff from the that great LA-based label, Recital, coming to our shores. Copies from italian sound poet Adriano Spatola “Ionisation” (LP & Cd), the LP compilation “Towards A Total Poetry”, Smegma’s  Nour Mobarak “Father Fugue” solo LP. A cd from american-french poet Anne Tardos “Gatherings”  and older releases from the same label, like the François Dufrêne’s LP “Cri-Rythmes”, one half of Idea Fire Company’s Karla Borecky brilliant “The Still Life” LP and Gabi Losoncy’s  “Security Besides Love” LP.

Apart from Recital, we are expecting Beartown’s celebratory 10inch ‘Gjota’ from Lasse Marhaug plus a few of their tapes releases (Yoni Silver, Glands Of External Secretion, Peter Fengler).

Lastly there will be restocking of Troniks/PACrec stuff coming our way with the likes of The Rita, Damion Romero, Sissy Spacek, Mike Shiflet, Sewer Election amongst the others.


April 2020

After almost three years and half, when the physical shop closed back in December of 2016, we decided to regroup, reorganise and throw our energy to create a new online environment to promote experimental musicians and labels.

During the hiatus period we had the chance to co-organise some events, here in Plymouth with the help of Carl Slater from KARST Gallery when we held three live performances: Alpha (sep 2018): Dieter Muh, Kostis Kilymis. Beta (feb 2019): Friend of a Friend, Normal Tea, Ubiquitous Meh! and Gamma (may 2019): Alice Kemp, Contrastate, Nocturnal Emissions.

As for the current situation, yes probably the timing is not perfect but we didn’t have any clue when we started planning it. The stock from the shop is mostly updated on our new website, there are still loads of tapes that need to be done plus few more other things, so please give us some time and we will complete with all the backstock.

Since the difficulties we all face lately there are few new items in our database with the new 7inch from Contraste ‘An Exercise In Defascination’ , plus back catalogue releases from Black Rose Recordings (Your Reality is Broken LP compilation and cds from Asmus Tietchens, Contrastate and RLW)  Also there are releases from Aguirre Records, Charlemagne Palestine’s  ‘Strumming Music’, Terry Riley’s double LP  ‘Persian Surgery Dervishes’, Taj Mahal Travellers’ seminal ‘August 1974’ album and ‘Distant Voices’ lp from Steve Lacy, Yuji Takahashi & Takehisa Kosugi. Lastly there a few copies from Dieter Muh’s ‘Mutus Liber‘ reissued cd on EE Tapes and Alice Kemp’s LP on Fragment Factory/Erratum ‘Fill My Body With Flowers And Rice’.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading. Enjoy!

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