Afroditi Psarra / Georgios Karamanolakis – Untitled (cass)


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Afroditi Psarra / Georgios Karamanolakis – Untitled (cass)

d4m4g3 by Afroditi Psarra is an improvised composition through the use of three handmade embroidered synthesizers with embedded LilyPad Arduino micro-controllers and miscellaneous electronic components, an Electro-Harmonix 60 Seconds Digial Delay pedal and a 4-channel mixer. Recorded by Seamus O’Donnell (Knifeloop) and performed live at Waterloo, Berlin (31.01.13).

Apostates by Georgios Karamanolakis is a mix of field recordings of already existing spaces decomposing into one place. More accurately, sounds from ships amidst storm and vibrations from diesel motors driven inside a modular synthi – E that is set up in free running mode. Alongside, a 4 bit chip from a game boy console emits ominous sounds and bursts of noise that modulate the synthesizer oscillators. The piece finally enters an elusive ‘’musical’’ part that is obscured by white noise and scattered sounds. Recorded and performed live at Knot Gallery, Athens (14.02.13).

Afroditi Psarra / Georgios Karamanolakis by Various Artists

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