Alex Bonney – Excavations and Demolitions (LP)



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Alex Bonney – Excavations and Demolitions (LP)

New solo electronics/cornet album Excavations and Demolitions, recorded live at Beton Eisack Concrete Factory, Italy.

“The heavy striking of metal. Or is it the tolling of a bell? The opening of “Excavations and Demolitions” is a compelling invitation to enter what we might think is a hostile, cold world: a concrete factory. Alex Bonney’s live performance at the Beton Eisack factory in the South Tyrol opens up this world revealing the precision and delicacy which reside in this vast space. The impenetrable walls of concrete, the conveyor belts, the rubble, the coldness of the air, the darkness and the blinding light are there for our preconceptions to be demolished by Alex’s remarkable ability to untangle and excavate its sonic treasures.

Alex Bonney inherits the sense of adventure that is at the heart of Varese’s music, and the delicate touch of Henri Dutilleux. His reputation both as a sound recordist and photographer as well as a trumpet player places him at the heart of some of the finest contemporary music-making. All those senses are at their peak in this recording which revels in the spaciousness and in the small detail. The art of this ‘music concrete’ requires the magical tiny chisels and drills of the most detailed sculpture as well as the threat of the sledgehammer. As in all the best playgrounds this is a thrilling carousel of discovery.”

Fiona Talkington
Presenter – Late Junction BBC Radio 3
January 2016

Alex Bonney is a trumpeter, electronic musician and recording/mix engineer and producer based in London. He was born in Reading in 1978 and grew up in the flight path of Concorde, instilling a deep attachment to subsonic frequencies.

He leads the Alex Bonney Quartet, is a member of Splice, Leverton Fox, BABs, Golden Age of Steam, Brass Mask, plays in a duo with bassist Dave Kane, performs solo with electronics and in a variety of other improvising ensembles. When not performing Alex works with a variety of artists producing and engineering music for leading UK jazz and improvised music labels including Two Rivers, Whirlwind, Babel, Loop, Chaos Collective, Jellymould, Not Applicable and Edition. He also works as a music educator and photographer.

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