An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter / …Massacre (10inch Lathe Cut)



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An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter / …Massacre (10inch Lathe Cut)

AN INNOCENT YOUNG THROAT-CUTTER was formed in 1994 by Richard Ramirez. Initially featured Ramirez with Isabella K.(ex-High Heel Maniac/Anal Drill), but was replaced by Cristiano Renzoni (Alo Girl and Urashima label).

…. Massacre is a HNW and brutal static texturing two piece that bring together the considerable extreme noise talents of Sam Stoxen(whose also in Baculum, Grain Belt, White Plague and runs the excellent Phage tapes lable) and J. Cadle(whose also in Foul and Oasis Of Fear, as well as running the excellent Bane records).

Edition of 41

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