Andrea Pensado – El Vacio De La Copa (cass)



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Andrea Pensado – El Vacio De La Copa (cass)

Andrea Pensado works with sound as a performer and programer.

She has been using digital media and live interactive musical systems since 1995. She studied in Argentina and Poland. At first, she composed mainly for acoustic instruments. However, she felt gradually more attracted by different sound realms. Today, the abrasive digital noise of her improvisations is far away from her earlier pieces. Harsh dense layers of sounds, often interwoven with her voice, combine hybrid synthesis techniques to create a highly personal sound language, which reflects an intuitive, emotional and paradoxically also logical approach to music making.

She currently lives in the US.

Byron Coley’s review for her ‘Without Knowing Why’ LP on Feeding Tube Records:

“Exceptional solo LP from this Argentinian ex-pat, who has been based for the
Ms. Pensado’s primary instrument is the computer, and her early work was created in academic settings in both Argentina and Poland. But since moving to the States, one senses the arc of her work is tending toward the Dionysian, and the sounds on Without Knowing Why are state-of-the-art noise inventions for laptop and voice. The electronics and soundscrapes share a certain tonal quality with some recent work in subliminal noise explorations by folks like Matt Kreftng, Jason Lescallet and Aaron Dilloway. But her attitude ultimately emerges as somehow more aggressive than those boys. And the mix of post-glottal vocalese and the distended muzzy textures of her music create a very unstable base.”

Digital Noise, Sound Collage, Sound Poetry, Free Improvisation

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