Andrew Coltrane – Genital Hospital (cass)



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Andrew Coltrane – Genital Hospital (cass)

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Andrew Coltrane has been active in the US underground since the early 90s. His own 4-track revolution reflects method, consistency and a -literally- huge volume of releases which makes him not only one of the longest running artists, but also the most active. He also runs Hermitage Tapes, a label specializing in ultra-limited versions in handmade packaging, mainly serving as an outlet for his personal sonic quests. From the somewhat chaotic initial releases to his current more focused methodology, the basic ingredients of his creations have not changed: 4-track recorders, small tape recorders, synthesizers, contact microphones, junk metal, home-made instruments, reed instruments and primitive flutes, found tapes, distortion and some paranoid vocal aspects. Additionally, he has a free jazz project, Cold Turkey. As someone older, his influences span from the Velvet Underground and European (mainly Italian) industrial / power electronics, to reach the so called US noise scene where, together with Sick LLama, constitute a completely specific school. And it may be that Merzbow is the king of noise out there, but if he for some reason ceased to be and Emil Beauliau was busy with something else, then Andrew Coltrane would be an easy nominee for the job. The “Genital Hospital” tape is a rare release on a European label, and (as far as we are concerned) his first ever on a Greek one. Everything one can enjoy in the music of Andrew Coltrane, is here.


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