Andy Ortmann – Chronopolis (cassette + usb)


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Andy Ortmann – Chronopolis (cassette + usb)

“Earlier in 2020 I was commissioned to score a film of my choosing. Chronopolis (Piotr Kamler) from 1982 was my first choice. It was to have been debuted in Chicago over a 16 channel speaker system, incidentally this was the first event to my knowledge to be cancelled due to Covid-19, furthermore it was Friday the 13th.

I re-edited the the film to 40 minutes and re-scored it from the ground up. This took no less than 40 hours in the studio to complete. After a break from the material, I was still happy with the results and felt that it was worthy of a release, so here you are”

Flash drive has the Chronopolis film on it. The cassette is the audio soundtrack from the video, dubbed on highest quality Chrome tape. Insert also features Piotr Kamler bio.
Limited to 45 copies

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