Angelos kyriou – As vgei kapou ayto (7inch vinyl)


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Angelos kyriou – As vgei kapou ayto (7inch vinyl)

Twelve years since 2008, year zero in the documentation of Angelos kyriou’s works, 2020 saw the long-awaited release of an expansive compilation of his music from the Agios Anthropos label (KLIMA). Rekem in its turn presents the edition at hand, a more current offering of where Angelos’ music sits today. A warm evening live in front of friends, a healthy 11min dose from the last few days of 2019, offers us the occasion for this rough gem.

Panagiotis Melidis adds:

“Angelos kyriou gets exponentially better with each new release. It almost feels like this short story, about this artist who gets more talented with every next step, every next artwork, until the sun itself in the end devours him, the same way that Kubrick devoured Leon Vitali.

But in this case Angelos is both the master and the filmworker, carrying intense love for his craft along with the fact that he is the only person we know that we can easily call a genius. But it wouldn’t matter anyway. He manages to horizontally diversify his talent among his effortless output, and especially here, where it all converses to a present tense that seems obliterated, and all that’s left is just a bunch of people looking at him with their jaws dropped, while he plays guitar and sings in front his laptop”.

Recorded 27/12/2019, during Kilymeia, by Yannis Iasonidis
Trimmed by Angelos kyriou and Kostis Kilymis
Mastering: Themistoklis Pantelopoulos
Photograph: Angelos kyriou
Layout: Thalia Raftopoulou

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