Anton Bruhin – Deux Pipes (LP Album)


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Anton Bruhin – Deux Pipes (LP Album)

“In the past few years Alga Marghen successfully released on CD some of Anton Bruhin more experimental works. ‘In Out’, ‘Rotomotor’ and the CD version of his first LP masterpiece from 1969 ‘Vom goldabfischer’, made many of you become familiar with the eccentric creations of this obscure Swiss artist. But for this new release Alga Marghen decided to concentrate on Anton Bruhin favorite instrument, the jews harp.

Included in this LP record are six breathtaking jews harp pieces of pure genius. On Side 1 ‘Apocalypt Rb- with sampling loop’ and ‘Chor H+ with sampling loop and solo reverb pot’, recorded in January 2000 while testing some modified jews harp self-made instruments created by Zoltan Szilagyi. This virtuoso performance is improvised over to a loop-continuum sampled through a Casio child synth. On Side 2 the all-time-classic titled ‘Maultrommel und Sprache’ (i.e. Jews Harp and Speaking) where Bruhin is scientifically investigating the use of jews harp in rendering human voice. Recorded in 1994 this piece, divided in five short paragraphs, move from the very basic structure of language (vocals, diptongues, triptongues) and constructs a perfectly accomplished sonic statement. Also on Side 2 are three pieces from 1995 for Electric-Trumpi-2, the only existing second generation electric jews harp, constructed specially by Szilagyi for Anton Bruhin. ‘Towards the G-Spot’, ‘ET2 with fly and cough’ and ‘ET2 extreme filling’ grandly complete the collection of limousine musics selected for this record. Gatefold sleeve with large 8 page booklet reproducing four mind-blowing drawings released between 1969 and 2006 that well proof Anton Bruhin ultra-modernistic talent of the most refined nature. Also included in the booklet is the complete score of ‘Maultrommel und Sprache’. Edition limited to 330 copies.” – Alga Marghen.

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