Astral Social Club – Plug Music Ramoon (LP)



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Astral Social Club – Plug Music Ramoon (LP)

‘Featuring two tracks of fearless sonic bliss and two long journeys to a state of sustained ecstasy Astral Social Club’s ‘Plug Music Ramoon’ was recorded in one day on analogue 2′ tape.
The LP combines percussive sticks and bells, resonant electronics, keyboard odysseys and some experimental vocal work from helmsman Campbell. Whilst Club member John Clyde-Evans’s laptop contributions provide much of the backbone groove of the album, Stewart Keith adds light and shade on a variety of keyboards and toys. Together they weave a rich tapestry of sound and noise. But it’s Campbell’s dense guitars that thicken the very stem of these four tracks and leads his Astral Social Club to conjure up his visions.

This limited edition 12′ comes housed in a gorgeous hand-printed silkscreen sleeve. On top of that, the album covers have been printed using a special colour blending technique, so no two are the same. 500 copies.’

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