aTelecine – The Falcon And The Pod (LP)



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aTelecine – The Falcon And The Pod (LP)

“aTelecine’s The Falcon And The Pod is the first in a trilogy of gatefold LPs (the next two installments: Sounds That Gods Fear, Are You Attracted To Wounded Animals). For folks who’ve heard the band’s noisier previous work – for instance A Cassette Tape Culture – the spacey, smeary, drifting and droning “ambient death dub” will come as a surprise. Ditto folks still hung-up on the fact that the electro-industrial quartet features Sasha Grey on voice, synth, tape loops, guitar, etc: This isn’t some easygoing vanity project. What we have is a patient, expansive collection, one that nods to interests in Coil, Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle, Nurse With Wound, and Lustmord, among other things. Importantly, The Falcon drifts into its own hypnotic, weirdly insular and esoteric territories, ultimately sounding like nothing I’ve heard all year.” – Brandon Stosuy.

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