Atrax Morgue – I Vizi Morbosi Di Una Giovane Infermiera ‎(LP red vinyl)


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Atrax Morgue – I Vizi Morbosi Di Una Giovane Infermiera ‎(LP red vinyl)

Atrax Morgue is anxious and psychotic side of the electronic noise. With the help o f a analog synth, Marco blows up emotions and delusions, cutting out the hard way inspired portraits of phobias and deviations.

Originally released on cassette under the title of ‘’Nursery Crime” in a special box limited to 50 copies and later reissued on cd-r in very few copies with the title ‘’I vizi morbosi di una giovane infermiera”, is one of the most introspective and deep Atrax Morgue’ s works. ‘’A vision, a blaze of sweetness and understanding. Then you return into the mechanism and those extreme emotions are already vanished. I still surprise myself thinking about death. I need an impossible surgery operation. If illness is life, the cure is death. Injections of static death.” from liner notes.
Recorded winter 1999 at SweetSlaughter. Remastered spring 2012 at TwinOpera and reissue with the permission of the Corbelli’s family.

The record has been pressed on 140 gr red vinyl with red cross label and transparent sleeve, limited to 99 copies w/insert in luxury 160 gr ivory paper .

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