Aube – Sensory Symphonies (4xCD Box-Set)


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Aube – Sensory Symphonies (4xCD Box-Set)

Akifumi Nakajima, renowned for his prolific and captivating work under the alias Aube, stands as one of Japan’s most intriguing noise artists. His artistic prowess extends beyond the sonic realm, encompassing an impeccable sense of design and a deep appreciation for materials. Nakajima’s creative journey began in 1980, but it wasn’t until the early ’90s, prompted by a request to compose music for an art installation involving water, that he stepped into the forefront. This pivotal moment marked the genesis of Aube’s sonic exploration. Under his unique label G.R.O.S.S., dedicated to experimental music and noise, Nakajima’s creativity flourished. His innovative approach to packaging, transcending conventional paper mediums, became a hallmark of his artistic identity.

In 1991, Aube’s inaugural release, the Hydrophobia cassette, emerged under the Japanese noise label Vanilla Records, led by Michio Teshima. A cascade of water-related recordings ensued, and Nakajima’s sonic palette expanded to encompass field recordings, technology elements, fluorescent lamp hums, human voices, and even the tearing of pages from a Bible. Embracing a minimalist ethos in his recordings, Nakajima harnesses simple source sounds, subjecting them to intricate processing. This approach yields a vast dimensional landscape of sonic textures, ranging from ear-splittingly loud noise to soft, floating ambiance. Notable among Aube’s early works is Grind Carve, recorded in 1996 and released by the legendary Slaughter Productions, helmed by Marco Corbelli, also known as Atrax Morgue

Discover Aube’s sonic mastery in Sensory Symphonies, a meticulously curated box set featuring four iconic titles releasesd in 90’s by Praxis Dr. Bearmann: Pulse Resonator, originally on red 12″ vinyl with a transparent 7″ (limited to 275 copies); Throb In Manic Red, vibrant on red 12″ vinyl (limited to 200 copies); Sigh In Depressive Blue, profound on deep blue 12″ vinyl (limited to 300 copies); and Vas In Euthymic Violet, regal on royal purple 12″ vinyl (limited to 500 copies). 

Embarking on this sonic odyssey through Aube’s captivating world, every CD within Sensory Symphonies has been masterfully remastered by Andrea Marutti, utilizing the DAT masters meticulously preserved in the G.R.O.S.S. archive. This ensures an unparalleled sonic experience that faithfully retains the intricacies of Nakajima’s original artistic vision. Sensory Symphonies is more than a collection; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in the essence of Aube’s artistry, beautifully preserved and thoughtfully presented. 

Second Edition: 99 copies only

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