BABs – The Vultures Watches (CD album)



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BABs – The Vultures Watches (CD album)

BABs is a trio formed of in demand London-based improvising musicians Olie Brice (double bass), James Allsopp (bass clarinet) and Alex Bonney (electronics).

The group explore music ranging from rich, evolving ambient textures to energetic electronica-influenced improv. The sound of the acoustic instruments is carefully manipulated and blended with electronic processing creating a hypnotic, haunting sound world.

‘The Vulture Watches’ (Loop records 2015) follows on from their 2012 release ‘Diving Bells’ and captures a set of improvisations loosely inspired by desert landscapes and scenes.

Review of their previous release: ’’Diving Bells is a transportive and strangely beautiful record. You can imagine a vessel creaking and groaning as it descends, finding strange lifeforms amongst the icy blackness on the sea bed, before ascending back to a calm, rippling surface. Diving Bells is a (sunken) treasure” :The Liminal


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