Basshaters – Flattened Unflattened (cass)


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Basshaters – Flattened Unflattened (cass)

“Behind Basshaters we find Tony Dryer on electronics and Jacon Felix Heule on percussion and electronics and together they recorded two twenty minute pieces.
Both of them we heard before in other configurations of improvised but not as Basshaters. Maybe it’s the name, but you are sure not get any sort of traditional improvised music. Here we have something that arrives from the world of noise, packed up with blocks of ongoing sound, heavy and loud, with distortion on the drums and deep end bass sound howling away from the electronics.
It borders closely to the world of feedback and power electronics, but these two players know their way around the use of improvised playing in such a context. It’s vivid, it’s wild and it’s loud, but never without thought or care. This is not the mindless playing of effects – and I mean just the sheer effect of creating noise.
This is not noise for the sake of noise, but because it suits their playing best, while at the same time they also know how to cut back in volume. Excellent release of great power music.” Frans De Waard / Vital Weekly

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