Bethnal Greener ‎– Febbre Del Lago (cass)




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Bethnal Greener ‎– Febbre Del Lago (cass)

A thirty minute immersion into the untold, its truths and change it proposes.

Febbre del Lago is a fever dream of sorts… Haunting melodies unravel throughout four pieces, tearing apart, piecing themselves back together, a discombobulating pulse changing course, re-arranging uncanny loops of strange environments dipping into the recesses of memory. Only the final track hints at potential respite that may offer a clean slate.

Like a fever dream, it sometimes feels bizarre to experience, and a challenge when following the threads of thought after the moment itself has passed. Yet these threads will linger, disjointed, difficult to face up to, but often staying with us for a long time. They speak of truths and veiled intensities, we can choose to cast them aside or bask at their depth.

Bethnal Greener is the musical alias of Kostis Kilymis, sound artist, occasional researcher, field recording and feedback aficionado. He tells stories of memory, presence and reflection, their narratives found among improvised synth lines, and the constant fluctuations between expectation and interruption of an unquiet rhythm.

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