BRÖTZMANN | BENNINK – Ein halber Hund Kann Nicht Pinkeln (LP)



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BRÖTZMANN | BENNINK – Ein halber Hund Kann Nicht Pinkeln (LP)

The first duo album between jazz titans Brotzmann and Bennink finds them a playful mood, showing off their virtuosic range with forays into viola, piano, clarinet, and banjo! Their musical interactions are deft and constantly surprising, like brilliant magicians who move effortlessly from one astonishing trick to another.

“This album deserves a place in anybody’s collection for its title alone (English translation: “Half a Dog can’t piss”). The music exudes the same air of whimsicality; the improvisations having less to do with organic interaction than with gags and tricks devised to catch one’s partner with his pants down. The pieces are wound up like clockwork toys, and then quickly disposed of before their magic overstays its welcome.” -Jazz Forum

Peter Brotzmann: soprano, alto, tenor saxophone, b-flat clarinet, bass clarinet, piano
Han Bennink: drums, piano, viola, banjo, bass clarinet

Ein halber Hund kann nicht pinkeln by BRÖTZMANN | BENNINK

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