Chop Shop – Kaput (3inch CDr)




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Chop Shop – Kaput (3inch CDr)


“Kaput” (2000) is released by GENERATOR SOUND ART in an edition of 110 copies, packaged in a sheet of cracked safety glass… this recording consists of condensed sound segments developed and fed through distressed reel recorders and prepared loudspeakers. These elements are sources for a further expanded installation piece, featuring the “Speaker Constructions” in varying configurations.”

Notes from GENERATOR SOUND ART site:
“Since 1987 I have been presenting abstract sound elements for focused listening environments, with all activity presented under the name CHOP SHOP. The work consists of recordings, installations, and performances featuring the “Speaker Constructions” that I have developed to convey and further define these sound elements. These “Speaker Constructions” are sculptural assemblages of found and scavenged materials housing functional loudspeakers-each “Speaker Construction” is fitted with a distinct sound program which reflects its’ physical characteristics and sonic properties. Isolated, or in group settings, the “Speaker Constructions” charge the listening space to provide a focused listening experience.

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