Coldsore – Pollutant VI (CDr)



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Coldsore – Pollutant VI (CDr)

This is the 6th installment of the ongoing POLLUTANT series by COLDSORE on TOTES FORMAT. This time with two vintage crude oil field recordings in the usual long-form.

Black gold lines the pockets of the invaders with sticky fingers.
They first try to steal the land, by murdering and raping those it belongs to followed by extraction and poisoning of the earth, the water, the animals and the sky. All that to fuel machines and make things, that cause even more havoc to the rest of the world, which they dream of escaping from after 500years.

It is the concept of white supremacy and it’s implementation,
that is the worst


For these recordings an array of handmade METSÄÄN machines were used. METSÄÄN is the name of the operation under which GRM of COLDSORE is building and distributing an ever evolving collection of noise/drone synths, sound manglers and audio objects.

Black ‘vinyl-style’ CDr in recycled bitumen paper envelopes (made from coldwar wastebags found in an abandoned bunker in helsinki) with a B/W print image glued to front and back and a rubber number stamp in plastique foil envelope. Limited numbered edition of 30 copies.

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