Colin Webster / Mark Holub – The Claw ‎(CD album)




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Colin Webster / Mark Holub – The Claw ‎(CD album)

Colin Webster: Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophones
Mark Holub: Drums and Percussion

Raw Tonk’s first release ‘The Claw’ by Colin Webster (sax) and Mark Holub (drums) is a mighty beast. Opening in gripping fashion with a deep buzz of baritone building a boiling head of steam, Holub’s drumming is almost Steve Noble-like in its rapidly rigged constructions; instant madly twisting scaffolds. There is a great range of textures but the lasting memory is a ripping blaze, blown by Webster. Pieces are short and explosive. Even the more placid moments like ‘No Hidden Depths’ and ‘We’re Done Here’ continually threaten a storm. Holub’s playing is reactive and sensitive to the scene, a subtle rattle of activity under the muscular punch of the saxophone. He locks into Webster like a symbiotic entity during the racing outro to ‘We’re Done Here’, also taking a brilliant solo during ‘Little One Growing Well’. Webster switches from full gales to soft curls and wisps; always with an edge, a concealed fury just off stage. Even hushed, he sounds ready to pounce. ‘Skua’ shows how talented they are at spinning something raging tangled and knotted; they often pick at a single element until it unravels and catches alight, fanning the flames until it becomes an angry conflagration.
Michael Holland

Comes in an individually screenprinted, recycled cardboard sleeve, with orginal artwork by Oliver Pitt.

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