Concern – Truth & Distance (LP)



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Concern – Truth & Distance (LP)

Concern is the recording project of Gordon Ashworth who in a previous incarnation (as Oscillating Innards) delivered an altogether more brutal take on experimental music before planting his feet firmly in the world of shimmering, layered drones. The first thing to hit you about this amazing album is the custom-designed silkscreened gatefold sleeve it comes in, one of those packages that has you flipping it inside out in wonder, a fitting precursor to the music itself which is just nothing short of immense. Despite the heavily processed sound of this material, the three long tracks here (clocking in at a total of 30 minutes) were constructed almost entirely out of acoustic instrumentation, with the opening piece gradually building from a frayed field recording into a colossal hum of dense, layered drone that just seems to expand and develop without any perceptible change. It’s inspiring, deceptively visceral stuff. Next up – ‘Young Birth’ begins along a similar trajectory but soon curls up into into an incubated assembly of disentangled instruments, before the epic closing “Heratsink” proceeds to completely obliterate the vast majority of what passes for contemporary Drone with a colossal shimmer that sounds like Tim Hecker reconfiguring classic Raga structures into something almost unspeakably beautiful.

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