Coppice – Bypass Ideal (cass)




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Coppice – Bypass Ideal (cass)

Bypass (2013) called for a heavily amplified live duo performance of modified boombox and prepared pump organ against a focal verging image. It’s one of Coppice’s first compositions to exclude signal processing. Instead, each part changes progressively while developing independently.

We’ve recorded and isolated each part and placed them on opposing sides of a tape to further evade the intended mode of listening of the piece as a duo performance. Instead, we offer a retrospective listening. We call this listening separation Bypass Ideal.

Levels of intensity, tension, and intentions present in the live performance can be found in the separate sides of the Bypass Ideal tape, and in the inseparability of the reconjoined duo from the video projection (available for streaming for holders of the tape.)

Germane to the original performances, we share with you our proposed “idealisation” of experience of parts and the converging approximation of what Bypass was with visuals. Please enjoy at high volume in a dark room.

Bypass Ideal presents a separation of the duo performance of Bypass across opposing sides of a cassette (modified boombox and transmitters on side A, and prepared pump organ on side B).

Bypass presents the joining of the duo parts in approximation to the original live performance with video projection.

Coppice (Noé Cuéllar & Joseph Kramer)
August 2015

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