Coppice – Compound Form (CDr album)




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Coppice – Compound Form (CDr album)

Coppice’s root is traced down to the impulses between bellows and electronics as a parallel substance. Our approaches to this instrumental core have stemmed variable compositional modes, including: musical and extended notation, live performance, works for tape (or other recording mediums), controlled improvisations (sometimes studies), and sculptural sound exhibition.

The music tends to tie itself to precise microphonic placements and preparations that become integral to the music – and a very important characteristic in live performances – as they carry the music’s interior properties.

In mid-Summer 2012 we set to compose a new work for an amplified mid-19th century “Kinder” pump organ (having undergone custom tonal preparation), tape processes, transmitters, and acoustic filters. During these sessions, Compound Form seemed to have arrived fully formed, developed quickly and fluidly with no edits to the process. Fractions from previous compositions are refracted within the new instrumentation, while surfacing a new work – descended from Compound Form, is currently in development as a stand-alone piece.

Compound Form sets off with an extracted melody from Bramble [2012], which sets a location for Scour [2009] – originally composed for shruti box, tape processes, and small objects. It is followed by the apparition of a new piece hinged to the emblematic progression Pivot – present as a duo trajectory on Vinculum (Coincidence) [2011] and as a solo iteration in Vinculum (Courses) [2011]. Segments of While Like Teem or Bloom Comes (Tipping) [2012] range across exploratory rhythmic content, to then wash into Brim [2010] – released in full-form on Holes/Tract [2012]. None of these works are revealed as wholes, but as a successive stream of portions and variants in alignment with the instrumentation.

An extensive musical arrangement, Compound Form is rigorous and flowing in structure – bespeaking for the live domains of performance. It is radiant as it refigures our initial duo discoveries into new, further dynamics. It is reflective of the animate bonding agents in operation between the originary bellows and electronics. It braces the growth of the copse in rotation, stimulated by the interstices between its past and future equilibrium.

Coppice (Noé Cuéllar & Joseph Kramer)
January 2013

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