Costinho – 3 (CDr album)




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Costinho – 3 (CDr album)

The album entitled 3 with two artwork versions makes the 1st solo release by Costinho. Known primarily for his tenure in bands like Night On Earth, The Rembetators and – for the insider of Koukaki area – the disastrous meta-music of Paracroussis. The title 3 does not constitute a mysterious code but simply and eloquently describes the program.

Track 1, mass acre 441 is a piano improvisation performed under the impact of “Praxis for 12” by Jani Christou. Track 2, cellollage is an à la musique concrète attempt to map a cello nightmare using endless samples, from (cello) recordings of Nikos Veliotis to (cello) concertos by Krzysztof Penderecki. Track 3, drawn, based on electric guitar, was created during the rehearsals of the theatrical performance Last Year’s Fiancee and follows an imaginary train route from Brixton to Ano Patissia, Athens.

By musicological view, 3 covers a range from free improvisation and collage to musique concrète and guitar drone, areas in which Costinho finds himself since 1998, being a student of the Music Department of the Ionian University. Remarkable is the ease with which he wanders in the either rough paths of these musical idioms without discount statements and amenities but confidently, calmly and with a sense of humor as he, a skilled musician and improviser offers to us an album with three tracks, aspects of his identity; what has he got to fear of?

PS. The three tracks do not attempt to work as a coherent narrative but constitute as pieces of a whole that the listener might create by him/herself. Maybe not…

comes with 2 artwork versions


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