Costis Drygianakis ‎– Itinerary (3inch CDr)



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Costis Drygianakis ‎– Itinerary (3inch CDr)

To our Nous series Costis Drygianakis contributes a track that is based on the music composed for the installation by Manolis Yiannadakis with the same title (diadromi,translation: itinerary), that was presented in the Mylos Gallery, Thessaloniki, in January 2000. In the version of the installation the music, 14 pieces of about 2 minutes each, was played out of 14 tape players in loops, accompanying slides projected inside a kind of a corridor. The spatial arrangement and the sound volume made each piece audible only when the spectator approached the corresponding slide. These 14 pieces were created round the turn of the Millennium, recycling recordings from the album post-optical landscapes and from the music for the Spiros Vrachoritis’ play No man’s land (Brecht in exile), as well as material from new, unpublished compositions. The version at hand is a rearrangement of these 14 pieces, creating a longer composition, similarly intended to be played looped. This last re-compositional process took place in February 2012.

Costis Drygianakis was born in Volos, and there he lives today. He is a gifted composer of the Greek avant-garde and electroacoustic music scene. His musical activity started becoming known in the middle 80’s under the name “Οπτική Μουσική” (Optical Music), a project rather than a band. Later turning to a solo career, he has released some of the most radical and adventurous music of our ages. His music is based on the use of recorded media, ranging from analogue tapes to contemporary sound samples, and similarly ranging from conceptual juxtapositions to wild sonic manipulations. His sound palette is an eclectic mix of the most diverse materials, including acoustic instrumentation, electronics, musique concrete, spoken word and folk music. As he once stated, not only he approaches music as a source of images, but equally utilizes concepts of the visual arts as compositional tools. In addition to his activity as a composer, he has also been the artistic director of the (currently inactive) Greek experimental label “ΕΔΩ” (EDO records).

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