Cranc – Copper Fields (CD album)


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Cranc – Copper Fields (CD album)

Cranc is the long-standing trio of Angharad Davies, Rhodri Davies and Nikos Veliotis. Though they have been together since 1999, this is only their second full length release after the ‘All Angels’ cd, released by EDO [ΕΔΩ] records in 1999. They perform infrequently but manage to maintain steady ties, as well as an unforced common ground when the time comes to play music together. They operate as an improvisational group (on their own, or in collaboration with other notable musicians such as Mark Wastell) and have also performed with composer Radu Malfatti.

Copper Fields was recorded during the group’s 2008 residency at Q02 in Brussels. It consists of one long unbroken piece of music, providing a wide view of the trio’s cascading and pulsating tones. Bowed and e-bowed notes emerge, spiraling in and out of form in an unfettered movement of sonic exploration.

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