Daniel Alexander Hignell – Semblances (cass + 60page score book)



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Daniel Alexander Hignell – Semblances (cass + 60page score book)

Following on from 2009’s “Music for Film”, and 2010’s “Soundscape Studies”, Daniel Alexander Hignell’s third album is comprised of pieces written for his doctorate in composition, focused on sonic interjections into shared social space.

The three works on offer are based on a 65 page text score, and utilize a modular synthesizer to create perpetually evolving, drone-based textures, combined with manipulated field-recordings, and bound together in avant-garde, minimalist structures.

From these limited sonic materials, a rich sound-world is created, and repeated again and again in different contexts and modes, sometimes ambient, sometimes noisy, the work is a sea of perpetual yet barely perceptible changes

Semblances by Daniel Alexander Hignell

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