Daniel Menche ‎– Dirge (CD album)




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Daniel Menche ‎– Dirge (CD album)

Menche is using again after some years a grand piano (with the help of a bow) to construct a full house of noises, drones, reverbs and overtones. There are two long pieces here, one forty-five minutes (Dirge) and the second one around twenty-four (Rawest Dirge). In the first one we have the material from the bowed strings while in the second one from other objects placed on them. Daniel is producing here another one of his long noisy/droney pieces like he did in the past. His long back catalogue can feel very proud with this addition too.

Daniel Menche : Bowed Grand Piano and Noise

Recorded at the Hallowed Halls studio in Portland Oregon.

Great gratitude to Peter Drake who assisted me with the creative recording process of the grand piano.

Recorded throughout January 2021

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