Daniel Menche – Skadha (CD album)




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Daniel Menche – Skadha (CD album)

Menche is a sonic scavenger who’s able to present evolution through the analysis of electroacoustic spare materials. Manipulating all sorts of frequencies to a paralyzing effect, Daniel’s approach in “Skadha” is another look to the ever changing midstreams generated by tormenting crunchy discharges mixed in a magmatic liquid of educated noise.
Low vibrations bicker with masses upon masses of growing tension, lulling the body to the point of total indifference to what’s happening nearby: I was enshrouded by a crusty cloth of chemical substances in acousmatic camouflage yet completely irradiated by Menche’s face-slapping transients.
Even at low volume ears are thoroughly solicited all the way, so that the dynamics’ changes get their maximum impact on each one of your sensible organs.
Self complacence has always been out of the question in this artist’s career but – without a doubt – this release confirms once and for all that his trip to excellence has reached its destination – and the guy is probably looking at the map to see where he’s going next. TOUCHING EXTREMES (IT)

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