Dave Knott ‎– Natura Naturans (CD album)




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Dave Knott ‎– Natura Naturans (CD album)

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“At a woodshop I was renting I had been messing with attaching strings to collected throwaway(found) pieces of plywood. I had a collection of used strings of many types: guitar, bass guitar, cello, violin, dulcimer, harp, piano, along with some types of raw wire including brass and nylon monofilament. I had heard Ellen Fullman’s Long String Instrument and wanted to experiment with making strings in long lengths. I enjoyed using two strings to make a longer combined length and found the results to be shimmering. My woodshop mate Peter Bonnell and I were bathed in this new sound unleashed – gongs or distant cymbals. Some kind of defiance of visual representation – a piece of used plywood with some strings across it. What an anomaly!

Even before the sessions, Eric Lanzillotta had asked me about making an installation with the boards, but I was no artist. Installation. Just the word would still a creative in the floodlight of expectation. This doe eyed doer needed a push. We agreed that I could put the boards up as I made them and this made the whole project seem possible. I began by installing a couple of the stringboards directly onto the wall making the entire wall a secondary resonator. While the wall changed shape weekly, flaunting a broken window frame with broken window and strings or some other momentarily invented musical object each week along with a perpetual recomposition of stringboards, the final installation consisted mostly of ~10 stringboards ranging in size from 1 to 8 feet in length with an additional two stringboards in the bathroom for potty play.”

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