Dave Phillips ‎– A Collection Of Curses (CD comp)




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Dave Phillips ‎– A Collection Of Curses (CD comp)

divergent and transgressive oddities, rarities and unreleased psycho sensory soundbites, recorded between 1994 and 2004, 31 tracks just under 80 minutes.
mastered by Tom Smith

REVIEW courtesy of Spency Grady/The Wire (March 2007):
Dave Phillips is an integral cog in Switzerland’s Schimpfluch collective, a group dedicated to continuing the extremist traditions and aesthetics of the Viennese Actionists who rose to prominence during the 1960’s. The word Schimpfluch translates as ‘abuse’ in German, and there is undoubtedly a violent current worming its way through this collection of abstracts and outbursts which reach across the last decade of Phillips’s career. A Collection Of Curses is crammed full of phlegmatic gurgles, porcine grunts and the sounds of numerous intimate bodily functions – celebrations of animal nature, both theirs and ours. These are punctuated by eviscerating shards of noise and banshee screams that are equal to anything issued recently by Wolf Eyes and their ilk. The results are often unsettling, putting the spooks up anyone who listens too intently. It is the presence of the organic suffocating amidst the synthetic wreckage that truly makes the skin crawl.
But it is on the homeward stretch, with “Fog Scrub” and the “Hermeneutics” series, that the collection really hits its stride. Sourced from tracks by his old hardcore group, Fear Of God, Phillips teases and morphs the material into something even more brutal, creating the kind of blitzkrieg that brings to mind Bay Area train wreckers like Spazz, No Comment and San Diego’s almighty Crossed Out.

1: 2004. Released on “Cultural Mimicry Volume 1” comp CDr (Spirals of Involution, 2004).
2: 2001. Previously unreleased.
3: 2001. Released on “Nonexistence IEM #4” comp CD (IEM Magazine, 2003).
4: 2004. Previously unreleased.
5: 2002. To be released on “Respect The Insect” comp CD (Insofar Vapor Bulk, unreleased).
6: 2002. Released on “Macska Leves” comp CD (Manufracture, 2003).
7: 2001. Released on “No Noise” comp CD (Even Stilte, 2006).
8: 2004. Previously unreleased
9: 2001. Originally made for a compilation by RLE but not released until “Sampler Volume Two 2005” comp CDr (Entr’acte, 2005).
10: 2001. Previously unreleased.
11: 2003. Previously unreleased, from sessions for “IIIII”.
12: 1995, intro 2003. Previously unreleased.
13: 2004. Released on ‘Sampler Volume Two 2005″ comp CDr (Entr’acte, 2005).
14: 1997. Previously unreleased. From sessions for “III+”.
15: 1999/2005. Previously unreleased. Originally made for compilation tape by Recordings From The Summer. Edited version.
16: 1995. Released as Sudden Infant on “Etat Bruit” comp 5×7″ (Scrotum, 1996).
17: 1995. Previously unreleased. From “Etat Bruit” sessions.
18: 1994. Released on “Mail-Music” comp tape (Psychic Rally, 1994).
19: 1995. Released on “Swissotic Commune Document” comp tape (Chocolate Monk, 1995).
20: 2004. Previously unreleased.
21: 2004. Released as MP3 by idealrecordings.com and as a 3″CDr (Entr’acte, 2005).
22: 1999. Previously unreleased. Source material is Fear Of God’s Erich and Osi talking.
23-30: 2001-2002. Released on ‘The Hermeneutics of Fear of God” rerelease CDr (ZAW, ????).
31: 2005. Previously unreleased.

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