Dave Phillips – IIIII ‎(CD album)




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Dave Phillips – IIIII ‎(CD album)

“IIIII continues the tradition of the unique Scimpfluch-Gruppe style found in the previous four titles; I, II, III and IIII released on various other labels. The random bursts of sounds are great but the sporadic silence is the glue that brings it all together to form a brilliant listening experience. Powerfully mastered by Randy Yau, this release has all the aggressiveness of a Series III release but the small sounds and important silence found throughout forces it into the Series II group.

Dave Phillips has been performing since 1987 and is also involved in Ohne (1997-present), Fear of God (1986-88 & 2002-2003), Sudden Infant (1990-1996) and Schimpfluch-Gruppe (1991-present). Fans of Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock will love this CD.” – Ground Fault.


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