David Lee Myers – Dyed Smear Live (CDr album)



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David Lee Myers – Dyed Smear Live (CDr album)

“Dyed Smear Live” is a direct-to-disc recording of one long improvised Feedback Music piece from January 2001, incorperating layered washes of feedback, bent rhythms and whizzing ring modulated tones.

David Lee Myers is a sound and visual artist living in New York City. He has produced music based on feedback since 1987, using “Feedback Machines” consisting of a combination of custom designed circuits and commercial gear. As Arcane Device, and more recently under his own name, Myers has had a dozen recordings released by Generator, Recommended, Silent, RRRecords, Staalplaat, and other labels. His third collaborative album with Hamburg’s Asmus Tietchens is slated for release by the Disco-Bruit label in the fall of 2001.

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