DDV ‎– A Sound Atlas Of Venereology (CD re-issue)




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DDV ‎– A Sound Atlas Of Venereology (CD re-issue)

“The 2nd installment of the Club Moral archive series (after the ‘Mit Neuen Waffen CD) is DDVs own personal interpretation of ‘A Colour Atlas Of Venereology’ by Anthony Wisdom in the Wolfe Medical Atlases series, published in 1973.
All tracks were performed on a Wasp and Korg MS50 synth, and recorded in Club Moral during the summer of 1982 on a plain stereo cassette deck with no additional remixing or mastering. On some tracks sound samples were used from the movie ‘Possession’ (1981) by Andrezej Zulawski. Lyrics were taken directly from the Colour Atlas along with ‘Haut Und Geschlechtskrankheiten IV’, ‘Visites Cliniques’, and ‘Revue de Dermatologie’ recited by DDV in typical deranged, animal like fashion he is known for.
Almost all material found here was never performed live nor featured on other Club Moral related recordings in any other form. Clearly DDVs most dangerous release due to the raw and offensive nature of material and sound presented.

All material packaged with the original issue has been reprinted here in a full 16 page booklet to properly document this classic piece of industrial history. A true sound atlas in venereology proudly made available again.” – Trash Ritual.

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