Dead Neanderthals – …And It Ended Badly (CD album)




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Dead Neanderthals – …And It Ended Badly (CD album)

…And It Ended Badly is a concept album. A musical statement describing the chaos of a war in 6 chapters. The drums are representing the armory used in a battle while the two saxophones are the opponents, fighting to the death. Neither one is going to give up. During an emotional ride towards exhaustion the opponents get weaker the longer the battle goes on.
…And It Ended Badly paints a cruel picture of an utterly pointless war that can never be won. It ends with what is both the quietest and saddest song the DEAD NEANDERTHALS have recorded so far.
Colin Webster (sax), Otto Kokke (sax) and Rene Aquarius (drums) have created a very complex piece of art that is worth being discovered and unraveled piece by piece. Let’s hope the collaboration of the three musicians will be continued eventually. (Spiral Shadow)

… and it ended badly by Dead Neanderthals

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