Death Magazine 52 – s/t (2xLP)



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Death Magazine 52 – s/t (2xLP)

Between 1982 and 1984 Death Magazine 52 played around 20 shows mostly within the Black Country region of the U.K. Sometimes they played under the name Spontaneous Human Combustion which was the moniker they originally started out with.
These recordings capture the core group and its floating membership at various stages of their existence. Recordings from the studio sessions and live sets, including playing to a school hall full of teenage girls at 3pm one afternoon, and as the final band to play at the legendary Equinox Event before the plugs got pulled and the police arrived.
The recordings are of a raw nature and should be considered as historical documentation.
Features a pre-Con-Dom Mike Dando on 2/3s of the material, guest vocalist spot from Philip Best.

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