Dennis Tyfus – Verleden Tijdsbesteding (book)



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Dennis Tyfus – Verleden Tijdsbesteding (book)

“A 320 pages book of Collages by DT in 320 different colors!

These collages are all made with photos taken with analog photo cameras of different kinds, with the exception of 2 or 3 collages, this book is basically a selection of daily work, in a way published to get on with other stuff. It marks a specific period but also was used in a way to deal with changes and to document happenings at UE events, Stadslimiet and exhibitions (or the periods before, after or in between these facts).

A visual report of recent times (2008-2014) made as an end result for the Toekomstmuziek residency at Het Bos and a little bit at Stadslimiet in Antwerp / Belgium. limited to way too many copies”
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