Dieter Müh – Mutus Liber (CD re-issue)




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Dieter Müh – Mutus Liber (CD re-issue)

About the reissue of this rare promo tape, here’s Steve Cammack in his own words:

“At the beginning of 1995 we played a gig at the 1 in 12 Club, Bradford with Zoviet France. It went quite well and folk were asking about releases etc and we had nothing. So Dave Uden quickly knocked up a compilation of recordings we made in 1993-1994 at his (various) home(s) in Nottingham. I can’t quite remember which tracks were recorded at which location.

Because Tim Bayes was involved in the ‘live set up’ he included the extract from the gig at The Narrowboat. Tim is not on any of the studio recordings.

Only a handful of people received this give away tape. There is no master as such.

You probably have the only copy.

Colin Potter approached us at our gig in York in 1995 and offered time at his ICR studio for cheap – if he could ‘produce’ (which resulted in Black Square, first official Dieter Müh release from 1997). I think that is why we did not “push” Mutus Liber.”

Join us on this exciting ambient noise trip !!

Limited to 200 copies in sealed digipak

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