Dressing – Dressing (CD album)




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Dressing – Dressing (CD album)

Dressing is the experimental noise project of Dublin based artist Kevin Kirwan. Active in visual arts for the past decade or so, Kirwan has recently begun recording noise using field recordings, found objects, feedback and tape manipulation. His noise is restrained and textural with occasional melodic undercurrents. He recently performed live as Dressing for the first time at the closing of Aleana Egan’s exhibition ‘Sampler’ at Void Gallery, Derry.

This CD is a reissue of two cassettes originally self-released in editions of 15 in 2021. A CD of new material is due later this year on the excellent L.A. based harsh noise label, Oxen Records.

On the original cassette releases comprising this CD, S.Grey wrote:

“Four concise explorations of materiality and physicality via hard-panned lumbering slow-burn buzz and cut up blasts of spidery frequencies. Ghostly, distressed ferric melodies occasionally emerge from the mucky undertow of ground-hum that all keeps you on your toes, edging the threshold. What’s on display here is an exquisite sense of timing: rather than going for durational workouts, things change up at precisely the right moment. And when you hit the wall, or more succinctly when it hits you – a glorious fist-pump in the air of release.”

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