Duncan Bruce ‎– New Glass Tapu (CDr)




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Duncan Bruce ‎– New Glass Tapu (CDr)

Thought you had a grip on the whole New Zealand free noise/drone/freak scene? You best think again. Duncan Bruce (aka Rahmane) has been a shadowy figure on this edge-of-the-world noise steppe for the past decade. He’s hit downtime with the likes of Armpit, skronked heavy with Crude and layed down solo sax dervish rotations that have split skulls and flayed the skin offa legions of hornless infidels. Recordings are tough to track (Bruce has previous releases on Veglia and Freedom From), but New Glass Tapu is a fresh divination from the depths – 9 tracks of free jizz and radiation burn in the form of reed scouring feedback, decomposed electronics, piano blindness and astral drone. Sounds like some deep long lost 60’s freakout document recorded in the Rif and buried in a stale veil of opium/djinn haze. As with the best produce from these antipodes, this sounds a trillion miles out-there.

The cdr features team-ups between Bruce and talents of Clayton ‘CJA’ Noone (Armpit, The Futurians), Tim Cornelius (Sandoz Lab Technicians) and Lee Noyes (Wolfskull/Behemothaur) I’m ultra-excited to be releasing this cut of love from the man, it’s an ecstatic joy and hopefully fills in some more gaps in the labyrinthine story of the modern NZ sound thing.

100 copies, clamshell pack with shattered Glass Tapu art on cdr face.

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