Egnekn ‎– 8 Track Magic Live (CDr album)




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Egnekn ‎– 8 Track Magic Live (CDr album)

Track number 1 ‘The British Invasion’ 8-Track Magic Live at Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral, Brooklyn NY 9.13.2012 Touch30 at IPR curated by Mike Harding.

Track number 2 ‘Mega Magic’ 8-Track Magic Mix, No synthesizers, No computer bullshit, No audio effects, just pure unadulterated 8 track magic!

Track number 3 ‘Bonus Track’, Super Re-Mix of Greatest Hits from 8-Track Magic I & II.

Track number 4 ‘Ende Tymes, 8-Track Magic Live’, Silent Barn, Brooklyn NY 6.26.2011. Ende Tymes Festival curated by Bob Bellerue.

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