Eric La Casa – Everyday Unknown 4 & 5 (CD album)




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Eric La Casa – Everyday Unknown 4 & 5 (CD album)

“How does the present time, physically so unspecified, become so unique for us? ” Etienne Klein

These compositions were conceived mainly from researches on the Inaudible, and the Unspeakable. Everyday Unknown is a series devoted to the representation of infraliminary sound phenomenon of reality, of everyday life.
During these past years, exploring my daily environment and also my archives, I have discovered a missing part of my listening : beyond the threshold of my hearing, or my measure. I was interested in these territories of the Inaudible, while questioning myself about the making of the present time, with microphones and recordings : the dynamic relationship between the body and the listening of his/her environment. In these infraliminary dimensions, my perception of the reality is constantly stretched to the limits of the comprehensible.

Recordings and Mixings : 2017-2021


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