Eric La Casa – Intérieurs (CD album)




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Eric La Casa – Intérieurs (CD album)

I spend more time inside than outside.
In Paris, my existence is organised in the interior volumes of anthropocentric architecture: the apartment, the shop, the Métro, the café, the library, the cinema, etc. I spend more time indoors than outdoors. All the buildings I frequent constitute my personal ecosystem of the city, a world in itself. Sheltered, maybe even removed from the outside world, each architectural space encloses, on a small human scale, a part of reality. What is this reality made of, this reality that conditions my life inside? What relationships do I have with this reality, with these interior environments?
I examine this interior world, its materiality, its acoustics, its furniture, its inhabitants, and so forth. Over the years, my exploration of the fullness and emptiness of these spaces has led me ever further into the liminal sonic dimension of everyday life. From the overt to the inaudible, I experiment with its dimensions, repel its indeterminacy.

Booklet (8 pages 300gr 150x150mm)
with audio CD [3 tracks | 45:50]
Limited edition of 200 copies

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