Erik Satie ‎– 42 Vexations (1983) (CD album)




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Erik Satie ‎– 42 Vexations (1983) (CD album)

“Musique d’Ameublement. Literally, “furniture music,” the phrase coined by Satie in 1917, where he identifies sound as drapes, tiling, wallpaper – items belonging to the environment and changing it simply by being in it, by actually becoming elements of the space… This recording, the second instalment in that series (after Marcel Duchamp), also involves a peculiar physical device since it calls for 840 repetitions of a single motif… The 180 notes of this 80-second work were played 840 times. The whole thing was John Cage’s idea. The admission was $5, but members of the audience got a refund of five cents per twenty minutes, and those who stayed to the bitter end got a 20 cent bonus. So, in Vexations, Satie will be evocated through Cage…”- Sub Rosa.

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