factor X – At​-​Rocity Exhibition (CD reissue)




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factor X – At​-​Rocity Exhibition (CD reissue)

factor X is a veteran of the tape scene since the mid 80s. As well as releasing a plethora of solo cassettes, he has also collaborated with many luminaries of the time including Sudden Infants, Suzuki Shunya, Telepherique and Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock.

This 24-minute CD is a re-release of a very limited edition cassette put out by English Yoni in 1991. It is an approximate interpretation of the J.G. Ballard book, and features many loops multi-layered. Despite its short length it is a rewarding listen.

Packaged in a digipak sleeve with full colour printing throughout and limited to 300 copies.

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