Fairhorns – Satan Replicant ‎(LP album)



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Fairhorns – Satan Replicant ‎(LP album)

DIY photocopied sleeve and on black vinyl.
limited to 100 copies!

It’s not tough to see it coming: The cassettes sound so damn good you just know a vinyl merchant is going to inquire about this stuff sooner or later. Fairhorns’ Satan Replicant establishes itself as a force early on, and without realizing who’s behind it you might think you’re hitting on somethin’ unknown and/or private. That is not the case; apparently Geoff Barrow of Portishead (yes, THAT Portishead) recruited Matt Loveridge for Beak>, and Foot Village recently fitted him for a spell. That’s all well and merry, but Satan Replicant is where it’s at. Loveridge’s post-chillwave brew of swirling drone-rock shatters the facade we’ve all gotten used to in cassette culture, waiting for the eternal drift that will never come. He says FUCK THAT and lays down idiosyncratic instrumentals and vocals from a distance that suggests discomfort with all that is crystal-clear, though that is not a crutch; not ever. I’d liken Satan most to those next-level tapes Double Dot Dash seems to be able to pump out. So good they just can’t be cassette-only for long (or can they? Don’t wait to find out) (tiny mix tapes).

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