Flipper – Sex Bomb Baby (CD, comp)



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Flipper – Sex Bomb Baby (CD, comp)

Sex Bomb Baby is a compilation album by Flipper. It contains singles, b-sides, and compilation tracks from 1979–1982.

1. Sex Bomb
2. Love Canal
3. Ha Ha Ha
4. Sacrifice
5. Falling
6. Ever
7. Get Away
8. Earthworm
9. The Game’s Got a Price
10. The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
11. Brainwash
12. Lowrider
13. End of the Game

After releasing two classic LPs (Generic and Gone Fishin’) and an erratic yet entertaining live LP (Public Flipper Ltd) Flipper ended after the sad death of bassist / singer Will Shatter.
This album was released as a round up of the singles, rare tracks from compilation albums and rare live cuts. For most bands this would mean a pretty uneven and tedious album but Flipper’s weakest material was always much stronger than anything their peers could offer.
In short this album gives you everything not featured on their two landmark LPs and is easily as essential as either of them.
A must buy if you can get it! Good luck. by Ec Tipton (amazon)

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