FOUR – reductive journal issue 04 – Nov 2015


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FOUR – reductive journal issue 04 – Nov 2015

As I put it to one side, I am no wiser as to how, or if I am meant to respond to it,
but the process of considering such questions is a beguiling one that means it won’t
be long before I pick it up again.

Richard Pinnell
Extract from Foreword

FOUR invites eleven works that linger in between categories of critical thinking, sonic art, music, visual art and literature. Each work articulates silence and space that is in some way sonic, and their minimal aesthetics may be perceived as active or non-active in theory and practice. Some compositions are quite introspective, while others are more argumentative, but non is definitive. FOUR connects reading as an intimate listening experience.

Contributions from: Ryoko Akama (UK), Daniela Cascella (UK), Patrick Farmer (UK), Jurg Frey (Swiss), Christine Sun Kim (USA), Sarah Hughes (UK) and David Stent (UK), Joseph Clayton Mills (USA), Daniel del Rio (Spain), Manfred Werder (Swiss), Trevor Simmons (UK), lo wie (Korea), Audra Wolowiec (USA).

Editors: Ryoko Akama, Heather Frasch and Daniel del Rio.
Designer: Vasco Alves.
Publisher: mumei.

First edition of 262 copies published in November 2015

Edition size: 155 x 230 mm
Number of Pages: 172
Naked Spine

ISBN 978-0-9934337

Printed and bound by Publirep, in Portugal.

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