Francis Plagne – Rural Objects (LP)




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Francis Plagne – Rural Objects (LP)

Expanded vinyl edition of the 2019 tape/digital release. This release features two  previously unreleased tracks.

Francis Plagne’s  work straddles songwriting, electronic composition, and improvisation and has appeared on Kye, Penultimate Press, Black Truffle, and Albert’s Basement as well as his own Mould Museum imprint.

His first for Horn of Plenty, Rural Objects was recorded to tape at home in Melbourne between 2018-2019. Plagne uses guitar, fretless bass, synths, keyboards, percussion, flute, bottle (plus a guest turn from Joe Talia on drums) to sketch 14 ‘objects’ which glide from the bucolic to the ethereal.

250 copies on black vinyl. 350gsm cover and insert featuring artwork by Francis Plagne.

Design & layout by Karolina Kołodziej.

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